A downloadable game for Windows

Challenge yourself in this arcade/strategic game! 

Take control of the dealer at Ghostel Casino table and fight incoming Specters while ranking the highest possible score!

It's a single player game. Beware the first few minutes are easy, use the time to collect points before the situation get hectic!

Each Specter has a strength, hitting him with the exact dice with the same strength will give you more points.

But beware! don't waste your dices, soon enough more Specters will come for you and choosing carefully which dice to throw to a specific Specter is key for a longer survival.

You can gamble by triggering slots machines and a wheel of fortune, but beware if most of the time whose will give you some a nice Bonus, it can also spit out a Malus!

Compare your score with other players in the online leaderboard!

Controls  The game can be played with the mouse and optionally the keyboard.

  • Move your mouse aim
  • Left click will throw a dice
  • Right click will shuffle the dice in your left hand.
  • The middle click can be use to force reload a new set of dices in your left hand.
    • On the keyboard you can use 'R' to force reload your left hands


  • Kevin Collinet
  • Grégory Dassibat 
  • Julien Foucher 
  • Jonathan Gillard 
  • Louis Le Brun 
  • Olivier Lhermite
  • Bénédicte Marcq

Title screen theme
Main Theme


WelcomeToGhostel_PC_v1.5.zip 52 MB


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Good polish. Although I would've added a brief prompt showing basic controls

I saw this being featured towards the end of GMTK's video and it looks awesome!