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Catch as many balls as possible with your window

Press X to point your window upward, beware it will slow you down.

Press A to Jump, if you catch a ball during that time, you will get more points.

Press B to Dash

Two modes: solo player or 2 players.

The best scores are separated.

The score for each ball can go up to 10 points based on :

- the delay since you pointed the window upward

- if you are jumping (extra bonus!)

- if you cached the ball as close as possible to the center of your magic window

Any solo score above 100 is quite good! (the best so far is 250)

Any coop score above 55 is great, it tests your friendship :)

Controller required.

Don't let the ball fall on the ground or you will lose!

coming soon: online scoring to be added

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
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Authorsolhermite, Sephius, Iwa, Greyo, BenedicteMarcq
TagsController, Co-op, Singleplayer


Release1.zip 50 MB


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Simple and fun, bravo!

The gameplay is easy to handle after 4-5 tries, the graphics and the animations are really nice!